Grasses and wildflowers on our farm in Devon

Our values

Kumar has a strong belief that street food should be high quality, healthy, sourced locally and affordable to all. We believe in farming sustainably and aim to turn the grassland back to diverse meadow grass and clear the woodland to attract more wildlife. By selling our lamb and vegetables through the food business we are able to add value to farm produce and create a more sustainable food chain. Throughout the development of the farm and dosa bar, we hope to achieve all of these things.

Prepping ingredients for a market

Low impact movement

Since Blue Planet 2 came out, there has been a lot in the media about plastic pollution. As of January 1st 2018 we’ve decided to do our little bit to reduce our waste. So when you bring a plate/lunch container and cutlery to our market stall you can save 50p your masala dosa, chutney and dhal meal.

We would love to see your photos! Just take a photo of your masala dosa meal and reusable plate/cutlery (with or without yourself included) and share your photo on instagram and twitter using the #lowimpactreusabledosameal hashtag and #kumarsdosabar.

Our twenty acre farm in Devon